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IoT Management Services

IoT and IT/IT-Ops projects hold certain similiarities that suggest skills and resources will overlap allowing your firm to adopt a DIY approach to IoT implementation and planning. Management of databases, networks, micro-services, comms, services, cloud services even Ai and ML are capabilities most firms have in place or are well underway.

What makes IoT different is that whilst it relies on the typical IT infrastructure to be in place, it also requires an organization to pick up new skills such as the science behind different sensors, the structure and timing of data packets, standards and legislation behind sensors , terminology, firmware to name a few.

Our IoT project services are there to help your teams pick up new skills, cross train or simply provide services that are not aligned with your core business. 

Every firm, use-case, team and industry makes each IoT project unique. By offering a wide variety of targeted services, we are able to fill the gaps in your digital strategy and/or help you plan and / or  execute a digital transformation.

Our Goal is always to help your firm become self sufficient. The Cypernex platform automates many tedious, error prone or highly technical tasks, flattening that learning curve so you can get back to your core business.

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