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This is a Non-LoRa device. It gets wired into an electrical panel & with a Modbus LoRaWAN Sensor, like a Dragino Modbus, then we can read the registers, which provides energy meter readings, like Total KWH. Manufacturer description: ADL400 is a smart meter designed for power supply system, industrial and mining enterprises and utilities to calculate the electricity consumption and manage the electric demand. It features the high precision, small size and simple installation. It integrates the measurement of all electrical parameters with the comprehensive electricity metering and management provides various data on previous 48 months, checks the 31st harmonic content and the total harmonic content, realizes the remote communication and the remote control with switching input and relay output and boasts the alarm output. It is fitted with RS485 communication port and adapted to MODBUS-RTU .ADL400 can be used in all kinds of control systems, SCADA systems and energy management systems. The meter meet the related technical requirements of electronic meter in the IEC62053-21standards.



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