Interconnected Technologies – Construction

Construction firms use a wide variety of business software tools starting with Autodesk CAD BIM REVIT and Construction cloud to any of the wide variety of tools, calculators and AWP applications.  Interconnectivity between technologies is essential to reduce duplicate effort, errors and omissions.   Cypernex provides this interconnectivity with its IoT infrastructure platform that integrates IoT […]
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Integrated Sustainability Practices

Integrated sustainability practices targets disparate standards, procedures and expectations of stakeholders and communities by providing a common framework and terminology for measurement and control. Using Smart Data Models that represent any physical asset or device, city wide planning, simulation and supervision is in a position to manage all contributing factors, such that the best version […]
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Agritech Feedback

Modern agricultural businesses today might on the surface appear spoilt for choice of suitable equipment and technology to grow their business, but also realize that selecting the right technology does not always equate to making the right choice for their business. More often than not businesses rely on their network of similiarly placed neighbours who […]
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