Visualization and Control

Cypernex data processing pipelines are responsible for ushering your data through a series of data production and transformation stages.
Start with a simple click-connect then explore IoT data with default analytics.

Connect and Innovate

Progressively on-board additional smart equipment and additional IoT devices to evolve your ecosystem using multiple-cloud platform infrastructure, machine learning, predictive learning and virtual reality.
By teaching Cypernet the terminology of your industry, customers and products the status and metrics engines get smarter, converting information on the fly, building analysis against industry benchmarks and norms. Building datasets that compare to budgets, forecasts and sources of income or varied forms of remuneration. Using ML based predictions to construct guidelines and plot most likely outcomes based on current trajectory.

Build / Manage IOT Transformation In The Platform

All this great new information is constantly accumulated and updated in dedicated data sets ready for use for Visualization and automation.
Status engines initiate actions when they recognize data patterns. An action could be anything you need from simple math or blinking light to starting up an entire production line.
Status engine is also the doorway to the Virtual gateway interoperability that causes events to be replicated in VR and vise-versa. Another example of using status engine might be in response to an operator pressing the “update-me” button on an IoT device back panel. The status Update-Button is detected; notifications are sent to engineering, the status engine starts an OTA-update, installs that update on the device, tests that the update worked then after restarting the device sends an email to a manager to advise. The status engine also updates the asset management module with the devices new firmware version, date changed and records the event in the service history log.
Data pipelines can be fully constructed in data pipeline products such as Node-Red or Streamsets.
These flows hold the advantage of helping you reuse existing skills and resources.
Node-red is a well known open-source tool underpinning rules engines in many cloud platforms.
The Node-red community is very active and there is a wealth of plug-ins and samples available to solve common computational challenges and produce some great visual effects for Dashboards.
Node-red flows created on Edge computing equipment will be imported into Cypernex as applications. Once imported they can be redeployed along with devices, firmware, dashboards on other equipment to deploy entire applications within the ecosystem with a single click.
Grafana is another great open-source tool for data visualization. It also has an active community lots of free plugins and comes in both free and commercial versions.
Dataflows, dashboards could show real time info or historical information summarized, calendarized and can be deployed as applications with buttons and widgets to control IoT enabled equipment and devices.

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