IoT ecosystems – IoTMaaS

Cypernex is an IoT ecosystem management platform for Enterprises, SME’s, managed service providers, consulting and systems integration specialists to deliver and maintain IoT ecosystems as a service.

By managing the technical complexities and standards a firm can gain IoT project expertise over night.

Cypernex asset and fleet management coupled with embedded service level management positions your firm to create new income streams from IoT and it’s related services.

By repurpose and rebadging the best of your firms existing IT/ITO capabilities you can offer IoT projects to your customers with minimal risk or cost. The platform provides seamless digital transition for customers and stakeholders aiming to acheive best-practice for their IoT technology projects.

A “use-case” in IoT is  collection of technologies that solve a problem, such as Vineyard monitoring or water quality management.

Cypernex makes it easy to manage entire IoT fleets from a central location.  Supervise, administer, upgrade, service, provide security + life-cycle management of IoT appliances on behalf of yourself or your customers as a service.

Deploy by device, use-case or region to cloud or hybrid platforms using AWS, Azure, Google IoT or on-premise platforms.

You have nothing to lose!

Customers and stakeholders benefits

Make IoT projects easier

IoT projects often start with a test

A developer creates software connector(s) to capture incoming data and store in a database on premise or in the cloud;


THEN: The real work begins

The teams now need to decide how to best use the data for the intended use-case. The IoT device will probably provide other data that may also be of use. The team may also decide additional sensors and more connectors are needed to meet requirements .

Next there is analytics, graphs and other visual display options to be designed, developed and commissioned. UX designers, business consultants must gather requirements from end users. The team must select cloud services and consider their ongoing cost, latency, database storage, scalability, speed, calibration, lamda functions required.  When the use case is designed, developed and operating as a POC, only then can deployments planning and commissioing case begin.

Lessons from the DIY approach

The Cypernex alternative

Paradigm - 1:

Keep all Device and Connector information where it can be shared and reused

Cypernex keeps detailed information on equipment and devices by make and model. Then when using that same device the connectors are reused. It retains details of available feature from the devices payload, the terminology and topics and can dissect payload into useful data features the project,

Perhaps you need to use a device you have not used before, but Cypernet or it’s parners have used it previously. Just select that device and instantly leverage device information collected  by Cypernex and/or device manufacturer.

Maybe your interested using data for machine learning or in calculations the team is unfamiliar with. Clone and modify use-case based examples to accellerate learning and develop new features.

Keep specifications, design drawings, video and images for field technicians to access through dashboards and mobile service consoles. The platform gathers benchmarks, predictions, forecasts and normal operating conditions.  For example air temperature of 15-25 C is normal for food in cold storage, but if this same sensor used in a cool room returned 16C the food would spoil.

Cypernex is a learning platform. It captures information and reuses it in new settings.

Make/model is central to the interoperability between IoT and VR. API integration, images, avatars, asset bundles are just a few of the resources required for interacting with a device from a virtual world.

Manufacture / Model shared across Platform

Using Make / Model:



Paradigm - 2:

Capture a use-case as an Application then reuse it

You can encapsulate the services, connectors, pipeline, dashboards, flows for your use-case as an Application. Once captured you can clone, deploy, upgrade, enhance the application across your fleet(s).

Applications are now software defined and as a commodity you could even sell and deploy from a shopping cart.

Managed service providers would offer complimentary consulting and installation service as a package with your application. 

Deployed applications can be managed from the application as a service with service packages range from triage and support to continuious upgrades, life-cycle management security, breach  and operational monitoring of device and all microservices and visualization systems in the application.

Cypernex takes care of the technical, while you get on with business.

Using an application:




Now you can offer use-cases as a commodity across multi-customers, multiple enterprises, multiple partners

IDC IoT Industry forecast

“the enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) market will grow to 5.8 billion endpoints in 2020, a 21% increase from 2019. IDC and other research entities share similar views of worldwide IoT spending will maintain a double-digit annual growth rate throughout 2017-2022 and surpass the $1 trillion mark in 2023.” “the enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) market will grow to 5.8 billion endpoints in 2020, a 21% increase from 2019. IDC and other research entities share similar views of worldwide IoT spending will maintain a double-digit annual growth rate throughout 2017-2022 and surpass the $1 trillion mark in 2023.”
Your organization can play a major part in the exponential growth of IoT across multiple industry segments, leveraging the expertise of those already providing services in these sectors.

Our Goal:

Cyperex with its partners intends to transform commercial IoT project cost structures and raising expectations of quality and MTTB. The platform will serve to bring projects cost, time to completion and relative fitness for purpose well within the reach of smaller enterprises. In doing so the platform will create new partners, new service professions, more efficiencies, better project outcomes, a broader understanding of IoT, more skilled jobs, driving the cost of Chinese made components down and increasing the value of skilled and value-add services to businesses.

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