Integrated sustainability practices targets disparate standards, procedures and expectations of stakeholders and communities by providing a common framework and terminology for measurement and control. Using Smart Data Models that represent any physical asset or device, city wide planning, simulation and supervision is in a position to manage all contributing factors, such that the best version of city wide operational is acheived. 

Autodesk REVIT and BIM  export COBie standard building information used for Building management systems. Autodesk Tandem provides the same information except in a structure that can be represented in a Smart-Data-Model or Digital-Twin.

Cypernex extracts this information and converts it to NGSI standards whilst simultaneously deploying the model to FiWare through its secure API.

Cypernex simultaneously builds and deploys IoT Infratsructure to FiWare combining physical assets and IoT infrastructure instantly within the FiWare context broker.

By extracting BIM and REVIT information through Tandem AWS Twinmaker and Cypernex Virtual Gateways provide virtual spaces suitable for pre-project sales presentation and post construction building management.

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