Innovating human to machine interfaces.

Human kind is in general always keen to adopt new technologies when they offer to enhance our lives. We at Cypernex wish and hope you will share our vision that technological ideas are just ideas until they have a useful purpose and true innovation mandates that we first seek that purpose. To that end the Cypernex platform has been designed from the ground up to evolve and adopt new capabilities as they come on offer.
Cypernex status engine, predictive learning and virtual-gateway are just examples of our striving to overcome traditional boundaries separating successful commercial interoperability between IoT, Ai and VR.

But why stop there?

People absorb information exponentially faster with VR so with thay capability in our grasp what then should or can we do with that capability.
Challenges for VR interoperability were; making scenes a reasonable facsimile of reality, how real world would transition into Virtual, number of VR scenes impossible to develop one by one, how real time would it be (speed of information exchange), limited storage and computing power of hardware, what would an IoT event look like in VR and vice-versa.
hen where does Ai come into it, should Ai respond to an IoT event and show what could be or what is now. Perhaps Ai could reconstruct what has occurred so we learn from history. Could we use VR as our personal Tardis to move back or forward in time. Perhaps we can replay an event using different parameters and Ai could help us understand what could be, simulating a better outcome?
In our efforts to seek high value applications for our XR technologies the platform has evolved further in the following areas;

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