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Who is Cypernex?

Cypernex is the IoT technology arm of Cypernet Pty Ltd a cloud application provider established in 2016. It’s offering is hardware, software and cloud platform. Cypernex is vendor agnostic and does not store your IoT data on its servers. 

Cypernex manages your fleet residing in our chosen cloud platform, using that providers API/CLI and its role is to automate the tasks needed to setup and manage your services hosted in one or more cloud platforms. You could disconnect Cypernex from your IoT fleets and they would continue to run.

Data security, sovereignty and privacy are still reliant on the IoT cloud platform providers infrastructure.  Cypernex’s role is to make the management of fleets across multiple platforms simple, transparent, productive and versatile.

Cypernex makes IoT fleet management simple.


Download a copy of the Cypernex security overview.

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