Modern agricultural businesses today might on the surface appear spoilt for choice of suitable equipment and technology to grow their business, but also realize that selecting the right technology does not always equate to making the right choice for their business.

More often than not businesses rely on their network of similiarly placed neighbours who might of tried, implemented and are willing to vouch for a product or service, which might on the surface appear to be slowing adoption and business growth, but is in fact using the limited available capital more effectively.

One important consideration for business owners is firstly how well that technology performs it’s designated function, but also how well it fits into existing business infrastructure. Does it integrate and play well with the other technologies?

One easy way to simplify adopting new technology is by building your digital infrastructure upon purpose built IoT infrastructure that maximises and simplifies technology interconnectivity. Making this choice is an important step towards ensuring systems work with and talk to each other. The Cypernex IoT Infrastructure platform is build specifically for that purpose.

Cypernex brings equipment, IoT and digital resources together combining existing and new technologies into a single platform managed by you.

Sensors placed within existing assets constantly provide real time information through any one of many communications methods from Modbus, WiFi, Network,Cellular, LoRa, LoRaWan, Sigfox to name just a few. 

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